Our Approach

The Capital One Growth Ventures approach to investing centers on partnership. Our work is not just about providing a source of funding. It’s also about exploring relationships, seeking out new possibilities and discovering what we can do together. Over the course of two decades in financial services, Capital One has gained a deep understanding of our customers, what they are looking for, and how we can help them succeed. Armed with this expertise, we believe we can give startups an edge and help strengthen the impact of innovative technologies.

A major part of our role is helping startups evolve and define their space. We do this by:

  • Pushing their thinking. We connect startups with subject matter experts – at Capital One and across the industry – who share their insights and challenge startups to see things differently.
  • Giving entrepreneurs a safe space to test their ideas.
  • Thinking beyond just the product itself to help startups manage all aspects of running a successful new company – both now and in the long term.

How We Invest

At Capital One Growth Ventures, we support our companies through each
part of the lifecycle from funding to testing in the real world.


In addition to serving as a strategic partner and advising on a range of issues, Capital One Growth Ventures finances fintech startups. With financial resources, fintech startups are able to take meaningful steps to ensure the long-term success of their businesses – whether they are expanding their teams to meet growing customer demand or developing breakthrough technologies.


Exploration is a core part of our engagement with fintech startups. Capital One Growth Ventures connects fintech startups with different teams across Capital One and, together, we test potential uses cases and explore the possibilities of new technologies – both now and for the future.


Capital One Growth Ventures assembles teams of experts to engage one-on-one with fintech startups. Together with these fellow associates and experts, we ask questions, provide candid feedback and share key insights that are designed to facilitate continued growth and development. We help fintech startups stretch their boundaries to drive imagination and evolve ideas.


Capital One Growth Ventures engages with fintech startups who are eager to learn more about their products’ performance. We provide companies a unique opportunity to test the effectiveness of innovative technologies, and work together to explore new ways to achieve optimal results. We leverage resources across every part of the company to create a secure and reliable testing environment.